ABSTRACT. This research synthesizes existing studies and investigates the influence of work-related psychosocial factors that can impact health. Using data from Brookings, CCPA, Eurostat, ILO, IMF, Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Polls, OECD Employment Database, and Statista, I performed analyses and made estimates regarding the share of EU employees on a work contract that does not exceed three months’ duration, percent of global workers in temporary employment, the relationship between economic growth and change in the share of workers in vulnerable employment, and temporary employment as a percentage of total employment, ranked by proportional improvement. Uninsured, lower-income individuals, and employees in poorer health are more likely to report issues with healthcare costs.

Keywords: precarious employment arrangement; adverse physical health outcome

How to cite: Willette, Ross (2018). “Precarious Employment Arrangements and Adverse Physical Health Outcomes: The Influence of Work-related Psychosocial Factors that Can Impact Health,” American Journal of Medical Research 5(2): 58–63.

Received 23 April 2018 • Received in revised form 12 July 2018
Accepted 15 July 2018 • Available online 5 August 2018


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