ABSTRACT. The mainstay of the paper is formed by an analysis of modifications in the structure of hospital markets in the U.S., the fundamental structure, functions, and segmentation of health care suppliers, the effect of hospital concentration on hospital prices, and competition in health care markets. The results of the current study converge with prior research on patient selection as a policy tool for encouraging hospital competition, the role of market capacity and its source in influencing the price of hospital care, the suitable function of competition in health care markets, and the potential for market forces to enhance the health care system. The findings of this study have implications for the mechanism by which competition may generate advantages in the framework of health care, the drivers of health care supplier market structure, the industrial configuration of health care, and hospital competition over prices. pp. 112–117

Keywords: hospital market; health care supplier; competition

How to cite: Popescu, Gheorghe H. (2015), “Competition and Changes in the Hospital Markets in the U.S.,” American Journal of Medical Research 2(2): 112–117.

Received 2 February 2015 • Received in revised form 8 August 2015
Accepted 9 September 2015 • Available online 20 September 2015

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