ABSTRACT. Will medical malpractice reform diminish healthcare expenses? This study is grounded in the considerable body of scholarship examining the link between malpractice burden and standards of treatment use and healthcare expenses. My paper contributes to the literature by providing evidence on the effect of remedy-centric established reforms on the criteria of care supplied by physicians. Although researchers have discovered some important findings regarding the consequences of malpractice reforms on the standard of healthcare supplied by physicians, there is still a great deal that is unknown and that requires further empirical inquiry.

Keywords: medical malpractice tort reform; healthcare costs; physician

How to cite: Popescu, Gheorghe H. (2017), “Does Medical Malpractice Tort Reform Have a Constructive Effect on the Health Care Bottom Line?” American Journal of Medical Research 4(1): 141–147.

Received 26 January 2017 • Received in revised form 11 March 2017
Accepted 12 March 2017 • Available online 22 March 2017


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Center for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis
at AAER, New York;
Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University, Bucharest

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