ABSTRACT. The term ‘strategic energy ellipse’ coined by Kemp and Harkavy, initially, refers to significance of two oil and gas basins in the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf areas. In this paper, Iran is introduced as the center of this vast and strategic area. From this view, Iran plays a key role in the region’s developments. This geopolitical analysis also describes some critical competitions amongst global powerful countries such as the US and China, as well as rivalries between regional countries such as Russia and Iran. This paper reveals importance of the geographical-political location of Iran as a crucial linking point between two main fields of energy, and indicates that this country has held the best capacity to connect northern resources around the Caspian Sea to the southern regions and the high seas through the Persian Gulf. pp. 155–175

Keywords: Geopolitics, Energy resources, Iran, the Caspian Sea region, the Persian Gulf region

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Putra University, Malaysia

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