ABSTRACT. Much of the misunderstandings surrounding news provision results because those working for news providers typically take a short-term view and tend to compare today’s situation to 3 to 5 years ago. This provides a skewed picture of the overall developments and tends to lead to misperceptions of root causes of the challenges being faced and the potential effects of policy choices. I would like to provide a clearer and less alarmist perspective on situation, its causes, and its effects and about the challenges facing news media as they transform in the digital era. I will put the current situation of the industry into context by offering a factual analysis of the situation and I then turn my attention to a discussion of the various policy proposals that have been put forward in the mounting campaign for more public intervention to benefit commercial and non-commercial news enterprises. pp. 73–90

Keywords: news, provision, media, public, intervention, enterprise

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Jönköping University
Reuters Institute-Oxford University

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