ABSTRACT. The First Amendment to the US Constitution has proven to make the country exceptional by giving federal protection to the right to freedom of religion and to freedom of speech. With some exceptions, the USA hasn’t sanctioned government censorship or any favoritism to a religious creed. What has proven to be a major bulwark against these forms of statism, which are widespread around the globe, is the protection of the right to private property. In one’s own sphere one or one’s group of worshipers is sovereign – the governor of oneself and one’s resources. So, largely, every individual citizen and every different religious order – there are over 4000 in the US – has the legal authority to determine what will be published or worshiped within its realm.  Once this right is undermined by the gradual encroachment via the growing public realm, those rights the protection of which depends on its firm recognition and protection are in danger of becoming scuttled. pp. 91–99

Keywords: right, freedom, speech, worship, private, property

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