ABSTRACT. The question – ‘Where is the map?’ continues to encapsulate a broad range of concerns regarding the state and future of British democracy. The ongoing 'Governance of Britain' agenda has done little to disguise the poverty of purpose and aspirations that has surrounded New Labour in relation to constitutional reform and democratic renewal since 1997. In many areas the reforms remain unfinished or barely begun. In other areas the potential benefits of reform, in terms of rebuilding public trust in politicians, politics and political institutions, has been eviscerated through marginalisation, the dilution of powers or a lack of resources. Put simply, New Labour’s approach to democratic renewal and constitutional reform has always (and continues to) lacked confidence and coherence. This article is concerned with reshaping, renewing and stimulating the programme of democratic renewal, particularly in terms of making explicit its underpinning principles and goals. It reviews New Labour’s impact on British democracy and argues that the party is suffering from constitutional anomie. (pp. 85–102)

University of Sheffield
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