ABSTRACT. This paper profiles the work of Félix Guattari as a leading thinker who has consistently throughout his lifetime focused on the question of subjectivity, examining its production especially in its collective forms and experimenting with approaches designed to enhance its value in the clinical situation. In a form of ‘institutional analysis’ Guattari experimented with a Freudian-Marxist concept of group tranversality as a counter-therapy to bourgeois individualism before employing a semiotic materialist approach drawing on the work of Gregory Bateson and the Danish linguist Louis Hjelmslev that enables him to go beyond Freud, Lacan and Marx, and eventually in experimental form of authorship with Deleuze, to talk of rhizomic structures that resists arborescent politics to favor horizontal, non-hier- archical and transspecies connections. pp. 11–26

Keywords: Guattari, subjectivity, Deleuze, semiotics, institutions, transversality, ecosophy

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