ABSTRACT. The current public debt crisis in the European Union (EU) began in Greece in November 2009, quickly spreading to Ireland (September 2010), Portugal (January 2012), Spain (June 2012), Italy (November 2012) and most recently, Cyprus (March 2013). This crisis has not only impacted on the Europe but also on the entire global economy, including that of Vietnam. This article will analyze the causes of this crisis, its impacts on the economy of Vietnam and lessons for Vietnam to avoid a potential public debt crisis and guarantee sustainable development. pp. 94–108

Keywords: public debt crisis; EU; Vietnam; sustainable development

How to cite: Anh Tuan, Nguyen, and Nguyen Linh (2014), "The Ongoing Public Debt Crisis in the European Union: Impacts on and Lessons for Vietnam," Geopolitics, History, and International Relations 6(1): 94–108.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam
Australian National University

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