ABSTRACT. This paper undertakes an analysis of Nigerian security issues specifically evaluating Edo State territorial, economic, and political security challenges. It critically interrogates three security theories, the realist perspective, and constructivist, human security theories and their contribution in understanding the security quagmire currently facing Edo State, and Nigeria. The research design was informed by a content analysis of key themes and priorities deriving from structured deliberations around the issue of security challenges in Edo State held in London in 2015 involving key stakeholders. The findings suggest that Edo State faces serious territorial security challenges in regards to boundary issues in the south and western axis. It also faces threats from natural disasters and climate change, seen in the rise of sea levels resulting in floods and erosion. In the economic sphere, Edo state experiences high unemployment rate due to the absence of key industries and lack of investment and inappropriate models of education. Also identified as an immediate concern, was possible incursion by Muslim Fulani herdsmen from the north; whilst political security has remained unabated due to the rising numbers of political assassinations in the state. The paper advances a number of recommendations to address many of these problems.

Keywords: human security; security sector reform; Nigeria

How to cite: Jatto, Abraham Abdul, and Perry Stanislas (2017). “Contemporary Security Challenges Facing Edo State, Nigeria,” Geopolitics, History, and International Relations 9(2): 118–140.

Received 5 February 2017 • Received in revised form 9 June 2017
Accepted 10 June 2017 • Available online 25 June 2017


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Community and Criminal Justice Department,
De Montfort University, Leicester
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