ABSTRACT. There is an increasing body of scholarship investigating the propagation of diverse types of transnational governance congruent in a global business context and the expansion of supranational agencies and the effect of bureaucratic concerns on collaborative behavior within transnational administrative networks. This paper builds upon and further advances current research on the rise of transnational policy-making mechanisms and administrative routines, the institutional interests of public sector entities and arrangements in the development and alteration of entities of transnational governance, and the significance of bureaucratic politics for the formal architecture of supranational agencies and intergovernmental structures.

Keywords: transnational governance; public sector organization; bureaucracy

How to cite: Popescu Ljungholm, Doina (2017). “Global Policy Mechanisms, Intergovernmental Power Politics, and Democratic Decision-Making Modes of Transnational Public Administration,” Geopolitics, History, and International Relations 9(2): 199–205.

Received 30 July 2017 • Received in revised form 5 September 2017
Accepted 26 September 2017 • Available online 16 October 2017


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