ABSTRACT. In the epistemological field, the issue of scientific progress has been deeply investigated by some illustrious philosophers of science like Thomas Kuhn, Karl R. Popper, Paul K. Feyerabend and so on, but they disregarded the fact that all scientific theories are idealizations of reality. Because of that, they didn’t catch some specific problems concerning scientific progress as the methodologists of the so-called Poznań School did. In fact, two outstanding members of this School, that is to say Izabella Nowakowa and Leszek Nowak, stressed their attention on the problem of dialecti¬cal correspondence in order to explain the issue of scientific progress, overcoming, that way, some of the most famous neo-positivist and post-positivist fallacies concerning scientific progress. pp. 111–121

Keywords: abstraction, correspondence principle, idealization, scientific progress


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