ABSTRACT. Research evidence suggests that big data analytics may assist healthcare organizations in accomplishing the meaningful utilization of electronic health record practices. Using data from Expert Insights, Health IT Dashboard, and IndustryARC, I performed analyses and made estimates regarding individuals’ use of technology to track health care charges and costs, office-based physicians with electronic health record system, big data analytics in healthcare market revenue (by geography), U.S. hospital adoption of patient engagement functionalities (online capabilities not incentivized by federal policy), and trends in individuals’ use of health IT. The empirical analysis given in this article shows that predictive algorithms may function as diagnostic screening tests to differentiate patient communities by risk and inform individual decision making.

Keywords: big data analytics; digital health platform; precision medicine tool

How to cite: Whelan, Derrick (2018). “Big Data Analytics, Digital Health Platforms, and Precision Medicine Tools: Moving towards Individualized and Personalized Care Practices,” American Journal of Medical Research 5(2): 40–45.

Received 2 April 2018 • Received in revised form 9 July 2018
Accepted 16 July 2018 • Available online 8 August 2018


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