ABSTRACT. This paper examines how the resurgence of the customary law (Kanun) and blood feud during the harsh period of transition of the Albanian society to market economy negatively impacted children and young adults exposing them to hate, crime, violence, and social exclusion. Being trapped in chaotic explosion of old norms implemented without traditional rules and adapted to circumstances this target group was subject to various psycho-social and life threatening risks which forced it physically transfer them to other parts of the country or abroad. This qualitative research employs secondary data, uses empirical evidence and conducts desk review to analyze how the failure of the Albanian state and low level of law enforcement revitalized the Kanun, in general, and self-justice, in particular negatively impacting the life of children and young adults in Albania after 1991. Based on social disorganization theory and social conflict theory, it argues that lack of rule of law and conflict of values rooted in one subculture increases social disorganization, conflict and violence. It concludes that the existence of a parallel social system which is manifested in hostile act of blood feud and hate should be eliminated. It should be a national concern to safe young generation from replication of violence, crime and hate.

Keywords: customary law (Kanun); blood feud; children; young adults; migration

How to cite: Meçe, Merita H. (2017). “Living in Uncertainty: Resurgence of Blood Feud in Albanian Post-Socialist Society and Its Consequences on Children and Young Adults,” Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice 9(2): 28–38.

Received 1 April 2017 • Received in revised form 22 June 2017
Accepted 23 June 2017 • Available online 15 July 2017


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