ABSTRACT. I draw on a substantial body of theoretical and empirical research on customers’ online privacy protection behaviors, and using data from Econsultancy, Edelman Berland, Flash Eurobarometer, Gemalto, HubSpot, MarketingCharts, Pew Research Center, Statista, and TrustArc, I performed analyses and made estimates regarding customer attitudes to online data collection practices, the level of responsibility for protecting an individual’s online privacy, the share of executives whose companies have taken various measures in preparation for GDPR, and the relationship between customer loyalty and retail data breaches. Taken together, the outcomes of the analysis support the notion that unmitigated access to personal data augments concerns of breach and diminishes trust.

Keywords: online protection behavior; personal data privacy; breach; trust; usage intention

How to cite: Rădulescu, Adina (2018). “Users’ Social Trust of Sharing Data with Companies: Online Privacy Protection Behavior, Customer Perceived Value, and Continuous Usage Intention,” Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice 10(1): 137–143.

Received 22 November 2017 • Received in revised form 27 May 2018
Accepted 29 May 2018 • Available online 12 June 2018


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