ABSTRACT. The theory that I shall seek to elaborate here puts considerable emphasis on the link between child welfare status and persistent offending, the function of constant child harm in offending, and the concrete risks related to violent offending and with psychopathology. This study makes conceptual and methodological contributions to the link between childhood physical maltreatment and ensuing violent and criminal conduct in juvenility, the function of psychopathic attributes in the phase of crime inception of juvenile offenders, and the pervasiveness and complements of psychiatric disorders among young delinquents while they are developing.

Keywords: psychopathology; juvenile justice; offending; delinquency; adolescent

How to cite: Radulescu, Adina (2017). “Psychopathology in Juvenile Justice Youths: Demographic, Psychological, and Contextual Elements That Are Related to Violent Offending and Nonviolent Delinquency among Adolescents,” Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice 9(1): 146–152.

Received 12 December 2016 • Received in revised form 14 May 2017
Accepted 15 May 2017 • Available online 1 June 2017


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