ABSTRACT. St. Cyril’s Christological preoccupations focus on the doctrine of the divine Logos turned into man in a πρόσωπον. The starting point, but also the end of his Christology, is the truth contained in the text of the Gospel of John: “And the Word was made flesh” (John 1:14). One of the questions referring to this text that Cyril asked himself, is: what does it mean that the Logos to assume the human condition? The essence of his Christological teaching, best expressed in Commentary on John, is that the Person of Jesus Christ is a unity of two different elements: Divinity and humanity. This study aims to highlight this teaching: the basis of Cyrillic Christology is the contemplation of the divine Word passing from the “pure” divine condition to the human condition, in the divine-human Person Jesus Christ, the Logos keeping unaltered its immutability in Incarnation.

Keywords: Logos; Christology; Incarnation; Saint Cyril; Comment; double condition; immutability

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Reverend, PhD Candidate, Pontifical Gregorian University,
Rome, Italy

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