ABSTRACT. This paper discusses the major trends in scholarship about journalistic practices in health and medical frameworks, the objectives of diverse participants in the production of health journalism, the function of the media in supplying health data, and the reporting, exactness of information and dissemination of health topics in newspapers. The material gathered in this study provides a rich and diverse context for understanding the aims and constraints of health journalism, measures that can be considered to enhance the quality of covering health and health schemes, the role of the media in health conduct modifications, and journalists’ difficult tasks in writing about health news. My analysis complements the growing literature on the diffusion of health messages via the media, the expanding impact of consumerism in health care, the function of journalism in health advancement and development frameworks, and the quality of medical coverage in the mass media. pp. 124–129

Keywords: health journalism; medical coverage; news; reporter

How to cite: Lazaroiu, George (2015), “Health Reporting in the Mainstream Media,” American Journal of Medical Research 2(2): 124–129.

Received 2 February 2015 • Received in revised form 6 September 2015
Accepted 12 September 2015 • Available online 10 October 2015

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