ABSTRACT. The objective of this paper is to emphasize the consequences of social structure on the expansion of health conducts, suitable employment of digital technology in health care practice, and social media as the set of digital means and instruments utilized for public health communication. My analysis complements the growing literature on the manners in which social relationships improve separate health and welfare, the dynamics of behavioral impact on health in massive populations, and the pervasiveness of Internet and digital media employment in the health care context. The overall results provide strong evidence for the function of social networks in grown-ups’ physical health, the dynamics of view dissemination on health conducts, and the novel chances for linking offline health conducts with social media instruments. pp. 217–222

Keywords: social media; health behavior; care; industry

How to cite: Nica, Elvira (2015), “The Function of Social Media in the Health Care Industry,” American Journal of Medical Research 2(2): 217–222.

Received 21 April 2015 • Received in revised form 10 October 2015
Accepted 10 October 2015 • Available online 21 October 2015

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