ABSTRACT. We describe an approach to teaching as a dialogic conceptual art. This is not a metaphor. Conceptual art teaching is eventful, ontological, paradoxical, unpredictable, and surprising for all participants including the teacher. Conceptualist teachers expect to be surprised by their students. The educational process is seen as not being limited by the time and space of the lesson but continues long after the lesson and outside of the classroom walls among different participants looking for their ideas and surprises, searching for confirmation and disputations, sharing excitement and disgust, engaging in never-ending dialogues where truths are tested and forever testable. The aesthetic beauty of this process is in the nerve-racking, dramatic, elusive, and captivating flip-flops of (de)constructions that open new vistas, ready to be destroyed. Genuine education is seen as carnivalesque, involving spoilsports, tricksters, upside-down flip-flops, dethroning and so on. Educational outcomes of dialogic conceptual art teaching are emergent, diverse, unpredictable, and subject to future change. pp. 9–27

Keywords: critical dialogic pedagogy; conceptual art; educational provocation; deconstruction


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