ABSTRACT. Just like the Christian societies at the dawn of the science of political economy, today’s societies are face to face with the fact that their modes of organisation and representation are inadequate when confronted with the consequences of their own, earlier, decisions. The economy and politics have split asunder and this disassociation has finished by rendering meaningless those institutions whose function had hitherto been to transform resources into rules of social organisation, in accordance with the very principles of political economy. The very purpose of research and teaching institutions is called into question by a market-driven management approach which inserts its own aims. How can we expect the University to contribute to the understanding of the crisis when everything is done to lock it within the same logic that produces the crisis. pp. 50–69

Keywords: crisis; globalization; university management; political economy; social creativity; globalization; modernity; pedagogy; teaching institutions; individualism

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University of Southern Denmark
James Cook University

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