Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State 
Gerard Casey (University College Dublin)
Continuum: London-New York, 2012, 188 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4411-2552-1

Resolving the Cyprus Conflict: Negotiating History
Michális Stavrou Michael (La Trobe University)
Palgrave Macmillan: New York, 2011, 311 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-230-11674-0

Reviewed by George Lăzăroiu, PhD
Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies in
Humanities and Social Sciences, New York
Spiru Haret University, Bucharest

Cornelius Castoriadis: A Society Adrift 
(Interviews and Debates, 1974–1997) 
Enrique Escobar, Myrto Gondicas, and Pascal Vernay (eds.)
Helen Arnold (tr.)
Fordham University Press: New York, 2010, 259 pp.
ISBN 978–0-8232–3093–8

Socrates and Philosophy in the Dialogues of Plato
Sandra Peterson (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities) 
Cambridge University Press: New York, 2011, 293 pp.
ISBN 978-0-521-19061-9

Deleuzian Fabulation and the Scars of History
Ronald Bogue (University of Georgia) 
Edinburgh University Press: Edinburgh, 2010, 248 pp.
ISBN 978-0-7486-4131-4

Plato’s Political Philosophy
Mark Blitz (Claremont McKenna College)
Johns Hopkins University Press: Baltimore, MD, 2010, 326 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-8018-9764-1

Art and Responsibility: A Phenomenology of 
the Diverging Paths of Rosenzweig and Heidegger
Jules Simon (University of Texas at El Paso)
Continuum: New York, 2011, 290 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4411-0952-1

Kristeva Reframed
Estelle Barrett (Deakin University), 
I.B.Tauris: London-New York, 2011, 169 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-84511-660-6

Reviewed by Silviu Şerban, PhD
Spiru Haret University, Bucharest

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Spiru Haret University

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